AN UPDATE: Walking the tightrope of COVID-19 - how can doctors and other healthcare professionals protect themselves from criticism?

Considering how front-line healthcare workers might protect themselves.

With the 2020 "clap for the NHS" and recent outrage at the 1% pay rise for NHS staff, it is clear that the national sense of thanks for the NHS prevails and is as strong as ever,  But will that strength be enough to carry doctors and other healthcare workers safely through the almost inevitable professional implications and the public inquiry which will follow in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis? 

This updated article considers where doctors and other healthcare workers are left after the fight to control Covid-19. How have they walked and how do they continue to walk the tightrope: protecting their patients, while at the same time trying to ensure that they do not risk criticism and legal action in the wake of this crisis? Selva and Tom consider the guidance that has been drafted to assist healthcare workers on the front line, and then suggest some ways in which medical professionals might seek to protect themselves from future criticism.

You can read the updated article here.

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