Trial of three men alleged to have killed a rival drug dealer, concludes. Acquitted of murder, guilty of manslaughter. Tom Kark QC, Nick Corsellis QC and Arabella MacDonald defend.


Three men alleged to have killed a rival drug dealer by shooting him in the head are tried at Teesside Crown Court and acquitted of murder. 

Hamawand Ali Hussein, 30, was allegedly attacked at a house on Charterhouse Street, Hartlepool, on 14 September 2019.  Qazim Marku, 25, Dorian Pirija, 33 and Noza Saffari, 39 were found not guilty of murder and guilty of manslaughter.  Tom Kark QC and Arabella MacDonald were for Dorian Pirjia and Nick Corsellis QC was for Qazim Marku.

Jurors heard the group of drug dealers "lured" Mr Hussein to the property to "kill him".  He had thought he was going to meet other drug dealers but instead was shot with a sawn-off shotgun soon after he arrived.

The case has been widely reported in the national press.  See here for BBC coverage. 

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