Mark Aldred successfully represents PC Godfrey in Sussex Police misconduct proceedings

Ms Grice had complained about Michael Lane to Sussex Police before he went on to murder her.

PC Godfrey explained that his involvement in her case was limited and his investigation revealed that, at that time, Miss Lane had accepted that she had made false complaints about Mr Lane to disguise from her boyfriend that she and Lane were having an affair. He had reported matters to supervision, who had made the final decisions and had not been subjected to any misconduct proceedings. He had no involvement with events which occurred over the next five months during which time Miss Grice went on to have an on-and-off relationship with Mr Lane which did involve further genuine complaints about Mr Lane to other officers.

The panel concluded that Mr Godfrey had not committed gross misconduct in failing to pursue matters but some of his actions amounted to misconduct.

Mr Aldred was instructed by Adam James of Goodall Barnett James Solicitors.

This matter has attracted significant press attention; please see the BBC, the Guardian, and Brighton & Hove News.

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