R v Sukarr (2020)

Defendant acquitted despite, seemingly damaging DNA evidence.

Charlotte Godber represented Mr Sukkar on a charge of robbery. The robbery was in 2009, but DNA evidence connecting Mr Sukkar to the crime only came to light in 2018. Solicitors worked with Mr Sukkar’s family to determine how Mr Sukkar’s DNA (a blood droplet) had been found on the victim’s car. In 2009, the defendant had been studying engineering but also worked part time for a car wash and valet service centre. 

The victim denied ever taking her car to the car wash, but further investigations revealed that her local car mechanics had sent her car to this car wash after servicing the car just a few weeks prior to the robbery. After Charlotte's cross examination of the victim and the forensic expert it became apparent that no jury, properly directed could convict. The Crown offered no evidence and the judge directed the jury to return a not guilty verdict.

Charlotte was instructed by Pan Symeou of Faradays 

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