R v KA, LO, RM-M, MG, DB and JA-B (2019)

As led junior, Eloise prosecuted six defendants said to have carried out a series of sophisticated armed robberies from betting shops across London. On each occasion, different levels of violence and weapons were used to achieve the aim of taking large amounts of cash from the businesses.

Each hit was organised by the same man, the mastermind; in each there was an inside man, or a woman, and each time, the police initially (and erroneously) believed those insiders to be victims.

The convicted defendants received sentences ranging from four years, to an extended sentence of 12 years.

The officer in the case, DC Andrew Davenport, received a judicial commendation for his work during the investigation and trial.

Eloise was instructed by Nigel Drewry, for the Crown Prosecution Service.

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