R v NS (2017)

Eloise Emanuel was sole counsel for Mr NS, who faced trial for a large scale ‘Forgery Factory’ Fraud Conspiracy. Ms Emanuel successfully applied to dismiss the case.

The Crown alleged Mr NS was part of the complex conspiracy, along with five other men who had previously stood trial for offences in relation to a ‘Forgery Factory’ Fraud, at Snaresbrook Crown Court in October 2016.

Sandeep Singh, 35, and Harjinder Kingre, 29, both denied conspiracy to make and supply articles for use in fraud before being convicted by a jury following trial. Pritpal Singh, 40, had already admitted his role in the plot, along with another charge relating to possessing one of the fake passports. Satnman Hayer, 40, and Gurjit Singh, 37, also admitted their roles in the conspiracy, having acted as middle-men, or agents, purchasing the forged documents on behalf of the end-users.

The Court heard three illegal immigrants converted a bedroom into a workshop creating counterfeit passports, driving licences and even skills certificates. Immigration officers armed raided the house in East Ham, East London, on 2nd March 2016 looking for a Nepalese over-stayer. After forcing their way into the property, they stumbled across a fully-equipped factory manufacturing fake British, European and Indian documents. Items seized included an embossing machine, laminate foil, high quality printers along with laptops and mobile phones confirming the trio's involvement in the operation.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 false documents were being prepared for order at the time of the raid including passports, driving licences, residence permits, security passes and Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards.

Judge Nigel Peters, QC, said: "There were a vast number of passports ready to go in the factory. It is clear to me, had the authorities not come across this crime, it would have continued."

Singh and Kingre were each jailed for eight-and-a-half-years; Pritpal Singh was jailed for six years and Hayer was jailed for 45 months.

Eloise Emanuel made a successful Application to Dismiss, and following full argument the application was granted, bringing the proceedings in relation to Mr NS to an end.

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