R v Stephens (2018)

Having been charged with a substantial number of counts, including Attempted Murder and 2 counts of Wounding with Intent, Eloise represented Che Stephens at his sentence on Thursday 19th September 2018 at Luton Crown Court, following acceptable guilty pleas to one count of GBH and one of Possession of a Bladed Article.

Following mitigation, the Learned Judge was persuaded to apply the Sentencing Children and Young People Sentencing Guidelines, and not to impose the ‘Dangerousness’ provisions. Mr Stephens, 18, was sentenced to 7 ½ years, and 18 months respectively, to run concurrently.

His co-defendants Luca Sanni and Imani Pobi Da Silva, received sentences of 5 years 8 months, and 12 months respectively, for lesser offences following trial.

In sentencing the three defendants, Her Honour Judge Mensah described the violence as ‘a prolonged confrontation with shocking consequences in a public place’. She added: ‘That horrifying spectacle was not taking place in a film in a cinema or down an alley away from public gaze. It took place in broad daylight.’

The case garnered significant national and international press attention, and is shortly due to appear on ‘24 Hours in Police Custody’ on Channel 4.

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