Re Ivanov and Avtonoshkin (2013-2017)

Selva Ramasamy represented Alexander Ivanov (owner of the Faberge Museum in Baden-Baden, Germany) and Sergei Avtonoshkin (the director of the museum).

In 2013 HRMC seized a large quantity of valuable antiques bought at auction in London. Selva was instructed within days of the seizure and advised over the course of a 4 year investigation in the UK and Germany in relation to allegations of VAT irregularities. These allegations were strongly contested - the investigation was eventually abandoned without charges. Selva also advised and acted in the connected condemnation and restoration proceedings, which culminated in the seized goods being returned. While in HMRC's possession, some of the goods had been damaged and strikingly, some items had been sold by HMRC in error, leading to a claim for damages.

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